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Detroit Metro Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw County, and More

Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Not sure if what you have is a honey bee problem? Call us and we’ll be happy to help you make a determination!


Immediate interventions to assist your flying stinging insect quandries.

Honey Bee Swarms don’t sting (usually)!

Exterior Swarm Removals

Honey Bees will swarm in the spring and early summer months. They leave their home colony and look for a new place to live. Sometimes they will make a pit stop in your tree, shed, or home before a final home is identified. Don’t spray them, call us to come get them!

Bees In Your Walls

Interior Swarm Removals (Cut-Outs)

Sometimes Honey Bees locate a suitable home in structures on your property (trees), soffits, and even chimneys. They will need to be cut-out and removed by a professional, then repaired. Pest removal companies do not remove honey bees, they call a beekeeper, so call us first.

Not a “BEE” and stings aggressively!

Hornets, Yellow-Jackets, Wasps and Others

Honey Bees are easily confused with other flying stinging insects. Wasps and Hornets do not swarm in the same fashion as Honey Bees and make their homes in very different ways.

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